Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Snow and a birthday

Last week we had our first snow of the season.  Snow seems to be making a regular feature here in Christchurch each winter. I know the friends of mine back in Michigan would get a giggle out of the fact that schools were closed for 3 days because of the snow. Not such a great amount of snow in their world but in ours it causes a bit of bedlam. We just aren't used to it or prepared for it. It does look pretty when it first falls and the kids, of course, just LOVE it.  I took some pictures of the house but completely missed getting photos of the children.  OOPS

 and a photo looking up our street...

Now, of course it is all gone!! But it still has been very cold.

Today was my baby's birthday.  Not really a baby any more as she turned nine.  Molly has been a bundle of energy all day.  Usually I have to drag her out of bed in the morning but this morning she was dragging my toosh out of bed!!!
I took her shopping to the mall this afternoon with my Mum.  What a blast she had.  Here she is with my Mum in her new outfit, shoes, socks in all!

 and at home later with her cake....

She asked for a marble cake.  Something I had not made before.  so I dug out the Donna Hay Kids magazine.  I can tell you my cake did not look like hers.......

I had too much chocolate mixture.  But at least Miss Nine loved it.  I am not brave enough to show you a photo of the inside!!
Miss Nine is now tucked up in bed, very very happy with her day.  YAY!

I must get myself to bed too.  I have a busy rest of the week with Shop Me Pretty work to be done, bags to make, patterns for new bags to work on and a visit to the accountant!!

Hope your day has gone well.
Catch up again Soon,

Kate x

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