Sunday, February 27, 2011

How life changes in an instant

The harsh reality is that that instant will forever be etched in the minds of Cantabrians and that instant has tragically happened twice for our city.

On Sept 4th 2010 our lives were forever changed when we were awoken from our beds at 4.35am by a massive earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale.  It was frightening on a level that no one can really explain.  There was large amounts of damage to some areas, including our central city.  Buildings were demolished and homes were left inhabitable.  There was a little luck on our side in that no one died as a direct result of the earthquake.  For my family it meant the sudden and tragic death of a much loved grandmother and in the midst of dealing with upset children and so so many aftershocks, we buried her.

Life slowly moved on and the people of this province had returned to work, school and hopefully some sort of normality.  We kept telling ourselves that we were lucky, that it could have been so much worse.  The aftershocks slowly settled, although some caused more damage and frayed nerves again (Boxing Day comes to mind).

But as the re-building of not only homes and buildings but our lives took place, the unthinkable happened.  Another large quake.  This one not so strong, 6.3, but closer to the city and at half the depth.  This time, luck was not on the side of our city.  This one happened at lunch time and much more frightening than the first for so many people.  This one devastated our city, more homes are destroyed, buildings have completely collasped and lives have been lost.  More lives than we even know.  Many more are still missing.

What has touched us as a country is the amount of help pouring into this city from our international friends.  The amount of work that is been done by these people and our very own emergency personnel is absolutely outstanding.

As I sit in my home with the sun shining in and my children playing happily outside, I have much to be thankful for.  All friends and family working in the city managed to escape safely.  Although some were trapped for a time.  One friend was buried for 5 hours and others around her did not make it out.  Our home is not damaged, we have power and water.  I feel so removed from what is happening a few kilometres from my home.

Yet I crave some normality.  So I have thrown myself back into my work.  I feel quilty and it seems really selfish when all others want is their loved one home, but it is what I need right now.  What my children need.  My husband (builder bob) has been out helping friends and family with their chimneys etc.  What a good man.

There are many many people not so lucky as me. Not only from our fair city but from all over the world.  My thoughts and prayers go out to those people.  We are still carrying your hopes with us.

Our city will smile again.  We will rise again to be the beautiful city that we were.  It will take time and much more heartache but we will get there.

Keep safe everybody.

Kate xx

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A holiday, a fair and a workshop

So a few exciting things to tell you about.  Because I am just about the worst blogger in the world, there has been a few happenings in my world.  I am not sure how others with these amazing creative talents can manage to make all the things they do, organise their families AND write a blog.  They are definitely super talented and super organised.  As I look around my house that looks like a tornado zone, I just don't know where to begin.  So I decided to leave it just now.... oh I know I will pay for it later.  At least I have managed to have a bit of a tidy up and put some washing on the line.  Some where between organised and chaos, that is where I roll.....

Let's go back a few weeks and start at the top of the list..... a holiday.  In other words, a much needed break for our family from the routine in a place we absolutely LOVE!  I have to admit though that the journey did not start well with us leaving a few things behind and having to turn back twice!!  Thankfully neither time we were very far down the road.  So on the road at 6.30am instead of 5am..  Are you stark raving mad I hear you say.  But our destination is 6.5 hours away and leaving early not only means the kids sleep in the car for the first few hours but we miss most of the traffic.  Not this year though....bummer.  Keeping our stops brief meant we kept ahead of it a bit and by 2.30pm we were in the heat setting up the tent.

Unfortunately the weather was a bit hit and miss in the first week.  A bit of rain did not stop the kids from having some fun................

Overall we had great weather and a little bit of this.................

and this.......................

and this.................

Oh it is so hard to come back home again.  But one must as the work awaits to be done for the Martinborough Fair.  Which brings me to the next item on the list.  Martinborough is a gorgeous wee town 1 hours drive over the hill from Wellington.  A bit if a trek for me.  But well worth it.  The fair is held on the first Sat in Feb and March and so I make the trip twice.  My sister comes with me in Feb and my husband in March.  It is a very long hard days work.  The fair is held around the town square and there are 400 stalls.  Shoppers start arriving by 7am!!!!!  This equates to a very early start and we are down at the stall site by 5am setting up and yes it is dark.  At 5pm the day is done we are packed up and heading back here........

for a well earned beveridge and to put the feet up.  I am a happy camper as most of the stock has gone and everybody has loved my stall and my products.  A friend asks if I feel proud.  My husband and sister are extremely proud and I am relieved

I have to tell you that even though I have done a few fairs now, I still get very nervous in the morning and can never eat and have to try very hard not to snap at my marvellous band of helpers.  Not because they are doing anything wrong but just because I get myself in a bit of a stew.  I over worry that the stall doesn't look right and that no one will buy anything.  I really should not worry so much.

So home to order more fabrics.....yummy.  It is getting very hard to choose.  Make a heap more stock and  to sort out making a reading folder/book bag that I promised a few ladies.  I also have some change purses I want to get done, men's sponge bags and more cushions.   Oh no it is that time factor thing again and the mess in the workshop, oh the mess!!

Which brings me to the lucky last item on the list.  The workshop.  What a god send it is being able to have all my work out of our little house.  Unfortunately we have been so busy that we have not managed to get it fully organised yet so it is a bit chaotic but functional.  It is heaven I have to say, even in the mess it is in.

So after the March Martinborough fair, I will be getting a little showroom ready.  A bit of painting here and there, a bit of flooring put down and these treasures I purchased on trade me (which I am going to paint and put new fabric on) to jazz it up a bit. 

It is only a small space but I am really hoping to have it looking great and a place for people to come and see my wares.  Watch this space

There it is.  A rather long post.  I hope I did not bore you all to tears.  I must get better and writing more often says the worst blogger in the world.

Bye for now.  See you after Martinborough.

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