Monday, September 13, 2010

Time to get busy

Hi everyone,

For us without any major damage to our homes,  life must keep moving on.  It almost seems a little surreal given that we are trying to install some sense of normality within our own family life and there are those within our city that are dealing with a disaster zone on a daily basis. Last week almost seems like a blur as somehow we found the strength to try and come to terms with my grandmothers sudden death.

We are still getting the aftershocks, in fact one just made me dive under the table from cutting out fabric on the floor!!  However most of the time we are coping with them as they are getting less in intensity and frequency.  Some sleep is being had which makes a huge difference.

The children have gone back to school today.  It made for a tough day for me as having them around meant that I knew they were safe as well as having something else to focus on.  I do think they were quite happy to go and see their mates.  It has made the house very quiet and almost a little eerie.  Makes it a little difficult to focus!  But with my first show just over 3 weeks away, I need to get cracking!  My mother now has these key fobs, mop tops and shower caps to price.........

The swim bags are also completed and cord all threaded through.  So that is something.  I am a little behind in my work given recent events but am hoping to still get plenty made in time.

A new thing on the radar is a different syle of kids sponge bag.  I have made up a sample.......

Turned out great (if I do say so myself!!!!!).  This morning I have spent on the floor cutting more out.  When my zip order arrives I will get these made.

On a lighter note, the school recently had a talent show.  After auditions, Liv and Molly made the finals.  Molly dancing with a group of friends and Liv singing solo.  They were great even though they were very nervous.  Liv got 3rd place and Molly Highly Commended.  One of the highlights of the show was the item perfomed by the school yukele orchestra.............

.....made up of the school staff.  Who knew we had one of these.  Every school should have one, they were brilliant.  Well done!!!!

Righto back to work.

Happy happy day

Friday, September 10, 2010

A sad week

Hello everyone,

Well what a week it has been in our city.  We were woken on Saturday morning to the violent shaking of the house along with the terrible sound like a freight train coming through the house.  Along with many Cantabrians we have been very fortunate not to have sustained any major damage. Our thoughts go out to those folks who have lost their homes or who have sustained a lot of damage.

For us the worst aspect of the day was the loss of a much loved grandmother from a massive heart attack early Saturday morning.  It has been a terrible shock to our family and we are very much still coming to terms with everything that has happened.

I hope that all who read this from Canterbury are doing ok and managing to cope with all the aftershocks.

Take care everyone
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