Friday, September 21, 2012

A bit of building

With the popularity of facebook for business, my good old blog has suffered once again!!  But with a momentary change in my vocation this week, I felt the need for a wee blog post!!

I am continually looking at new ways to display my wares at fetes/shows.  One must admit that I am a little fussy ( my family would say a lot fussy) about the way my stall looks.  But with travelling so far to fetes sometimes, display items must be easily portable.  Something stylish and portable is a hard mix sometimes.

With that in mind I went on a bit of a blog hop and found this......

Now this I like!

So I decided to become a builder for a day with a little help from a builder husband.

Firstly I needed some tools and timber....

and a large kinda mean looking saw..

Now unfortunately I don't have any more photos.  It is a little hard to photograph oneself cutting timber and drilling holes! But 2 nights ago in the living room my husband and I finished off this little beauty.  Last night it made it's debut at the Lincoln Primary School All things Beautiful fundraiser.  And if I do say so myself it looked fabulous!!

 One pretty happy stallholder here.

Next on the project list is these chairs I purchased on trade me.  Lovley wooden slat chairs that fold down.  Yesterday I got my girls busy painting them....

Not so sure about the paint job but we did have some fun.  Will let you know how they end up.

So a bit of building and painting as well as some sewing this week.

So much fun!

Have a happy happy day


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