Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Time is flying buy........

Something we are all saying to ourselves and before we know it Christmas will be here.  I know,  I shouldn't say that!!!

So another successful fete has been completed.  Hunters Garden Marlborough Market Day in Blenheim has been and gone.  It was another beautiful sunny day and plenty of shoppers came out.  My family of helpers was in full force again.  On the day my husband and brother in law were up early with me and down to the market to set up.  Here they are......

After their compulsory coffee, they tootled off home and dropped my sister back down for the morning shift!!  What a great family.  Here's some pics of the stall all set up and ready for business...

in this photo is my spotty chair that I bought from the local recycling store, and resanded and recovered her.  She is up for sale but the more that day went on the more I kept thinking that I would just keep her.....

I am quite happy with how the stall is looking but still think some minor tweeking is needed!!!!  I can hear my husband cringe from here.

So one more fete before the end of the year.  Off on a massive journey to Southland.  One hour south of Queenstown.  More sewing in store to top up the stock pile (which is currently all stacked up in our bedroom  ahhhgh....).  Then I will be able to shop for some more fabric....... ahh bliss.

Right now though it is off to bed otherwise I will be dreadful getting up in the morning.  Although I might just take a sneak peek at my favourite blogs.....................

Happy happy days


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The fete and other things

Hi All,

I have been so busy sewing for the Culverden Fete that I have not had time for a post.  I managed to get quite a bit of work done in the end but there were a few late nights.

My friend Pat and I travelled up the night before and met my Mum up there with her car full of stuff as well.  We set up the gazebo and all the shelves and tables.  Then off to the pub for a great meal and a couple of drinks.  They were well deserved!! Mum Pam tootled off home and Pat and I walked along the road to the B&B.  Such a lovely place to stay and the owners were very accomodating and great hosts.  We had a fantastic full cooked breakfast in the morning.  Yummy.  All set for the day, a short walk back into Culverden to be picked up by my inlaws and back to the fete.

It was an absolutely beautiful day and the shoppers came out in the truck loads.  A very steady busy day and following the pack up and a wee glass of wine, I drove away a happy little sewer!!!

So no it is onto the next one.  The Hunters Garden Marlborough Fete in Blenheim.  We take the whole family and stay with my sister so as well as making a few sales it is a fun weekend.

Apologies again for no photos.  I forgot to take my camera again!!!!  I will get some at Blenheim.  Promise.
So must go and sort out Molly with a bath.  she is home with the chicken pox.  Oh what fun.  Poor wee mite.

Need to try and get some work done to add to the stock.  Some things are quite low in numbers.  A good problem to have.

Happy happy day


Monday, October 18, 2010

A little lost.....

Hello everyone,

It has been such a long time since I have written a post.  I must admit that after the earthquake and my grandmother's death, it was a little hard to stay focused for a week or two.  Then it became a mad panic to try and get things completed ready for the Centrewood Estate Spring fete in Waimate.  I got enough done in the end but isn't it always the way that we wish we could have doen that little bit extra.

I have no photos at the moment to show you as my children spilt water on my lap top last week and it is dying!!  What a nuisance that is.  It is in at the computer shop having a damage report.  I only hope they can get all my information off it.  Oh my gosh,  there was a doozy aftershock.  We have still been having quite a few of those !!!  Not particulary fun.  In fact it is fair to say we are all well and truly over them.

So the day for Waimate started early with pick up of the helpers at 4.45am!!  For a girl who is not a morning person that is hideous.  But it was worth it in the end.  After surviving the strong wind gusts and a bit of rain, there was a good crowd of people who had a wee spend and I went away from the day quite happy.

I am now tackling the mountian of work that needs to be done for the Culverden Fete.  There will be a few late nights I think.

So I must head into the sewing room and get cracking.

Happy happy day


Monday, September 13, 2010

Time to get busy

Hi everyone,

For us without any major damage to our homes,  life must keep moving on.  It almost seems a little surreal given that we are trying to install some sense of normality within our own family life and there are those within our city that are dealing with a disaster zone on a daily basis. Last week almost seems like a blur as somehow we found the strength to try and come to terms with my grandmothers sudden death.

We are still getting the aftershocks, in fact one just made me dive under the table from cutting out fabric on the floor!!  However most of the time we are coping with them as they are getting less in intensity and frequency.  Some sleep is being had which makes a huge difference.

The children have gone back to school today.  It made for a tough day for me as having them around meant that I knew they were safe as well as having something else to focus on.  I do think they were quite happy to go and see their mates.  It has made the house very quiet and almost a little eerie.  Makes it a little difficult to focus!  But with my first show just over 3 weeks away, I need to get cracking!  My mother now has these key fobs, mop tops and shower caps to price.........

The swim bags are also completed and cord all threaded through.  So that is something.  I am a little behind in my work given recent events but am hoping to still get plenty made in time.

A new thing on the radar is a different syle of kids sponge bag.  I have made up a sample.......

Turned out great (if I do say so myself!!!!!).  This morning I have spent on the floor cutting more out.  When my zip order arrives I will get these made.

On a lighter note, the school recently had a talent show.  After auditions, Liv and Molly made the finals.  Molly dancing with a group of friends and Liv singing solo.  They were great even though they were very nervous.  Liv got 3rd place and Molly Highly Commended.  One of the highlights of the show was the item perfomed by the school yukele orchestra.............

.....made up of the school staff.  Who knew we had one of these.  Every school should have one, they were brilliant.  Well done!!!!

Righto back to work.

Happy happy day

Friday, September 10, 2010

A sad week

Hello everyone,

Well what a week it has been in our city.  We were woken on Saturday morning to the violent shaking of the house along with the terrible sound like a freight train coming through the house.  Along with many Cantabrians we have been very fortunate not to have sustained any major damage. Our thoughts go out to those folks who have lost their homes or who have sustained a lot of damage.

For us the worst aspect of the day was the loss of a much loved grandmother from a massive heart attack early Saturday morning.  It has been a terrible shock to our family and we are very much still coming to terms with everything that has happened.

I hope that all who read this from Canterbury are doing ok and managing to cope with all the aftershocks.

Take care everyone

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Been away a while...

Hello all,

It has been some time since I last posted some news.  Life has been very busy in this household over the past few weeks. 

My sewing for the round of craft shows beginning in Oct is moving along nicely.  The make up purses, girls headbands and flower hair clips, ladies sponge bags are all done and I am now onto the mop tops and shower caps.  I hope to have those completed by the end of the week.  I have no photos to show you as they have gone to my parents house for pricing.  I am filling up their spare bedroom and my Dad tells me I will have to start taking things back soon!!  Not sure where they will fit in this house so I will definitely have to stall him on that.

We have celebrated a number of family birthday this month, including mine and Olivia, she turned 10, double figures.  WOW.

Olivia and I went to Auckland for a long weekend to celebrate our birthdays.  We had such a fab time (even though it rained all the time!!!!!).  Caught up with some friends, went shopping, and checked out a large number of cafes.  The highlight of the trip was to see the musical 'Grease'.  Brilliant show which we both loved.  So much fun to do the 'grease lightening' to live music.  What a blast.

I did manage to visit a couple of suppliers whilst in Auckland and have some new interfacing to try and well as some new fabric (which I didn't really need but just couldn't resist)

Winter club sport has now finished.  The children will miss it, however I will be pleased for a little break before the summer chaos begins.  Henry still has a few rep rugby games over the next 2 weekends.  Here is my little rugby super star.....

All the children have been sick with the flu/nasty viral bug but all better now.  Thank heaven.
Tomorrow is a big day with the girls in the final of the talent show at school.  I cannot wait to see them up there on the stage.

Righto, that sums up my world for the last few weeks.  Hope all is well in yours.

Happy happy day


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A better day today....

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday was a bit of a sh*&%y day.  I won't bore you with all the details.  Because I will rant and rave for two long!!  Needless to say that it involved our little blue diahatsu sirion named Edwina.  But it is all sorted today and she now has a warrant and a registration. YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!

So moving onto happier things.  My daughter Olivia (age 9 and gorgeous, here she is above.......)  has picked up the craft mantle.  Armed with a box of buttons and some wire..

She has created this beautiful heart........

A bit of finessing and some ribbon to hang and they will be all set to sell on my stall at the Culverden Fete.  Here is another that she is working on....

I am very proud of her.

I myself am working on a stack of make up purses which I ma hoping to have finished by the end of the week.  I have 72 of them cut out and last night finished cutting out the plastic coating.  Now I'm off to cut out the waterproof liner.

Have a happy happy day


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Oops.  Forgot to thank everyone for their wonderful comments on the new online shop.  I have even had my first order and a 'girls night in' booked for next month.  Going to be oh so busy.

Also big thanks to Emily (my future sister in law) for her help with the photography.  She is a very clever chick.  And my cousin Sarah, for her help with the blurbs and wording.  Another super clever chick

K :-)


Hi everyone,

So chaos has hit the sewing room.  There is fabric and patterns all over as I start the mammoth job of cutting out. I have to keep getting up to give my knees and back a break.

Take a look .......

The family help has now kicked in.  The peg bags have gone to my mother to price, these newly cut out bags will be off to my mother-in-law to get the interfacing put on and my wonderful husband has folded the washing.  Thank heaven for families!!!

Righto back to the floor.  A little more to get done before getting the children from school.

Happy happy day


Monday, July 19, 2010

The online site is live.....

Yipee.  It is 10.30pm and I have finally got the online site to go live.  Wow!  Exhausting but satisfying at the same time.

So take a look, click here.
There is also a link on the side bar at the right.

Happy shopping!!!  I'm off to bed.


Culverden Fete here I come.....

Good morning,

So on another dreary day (although the sun is trying to peek through), the one bright shiny moment is that my application for the Culverden Fete has been accepted.  Yipee!!  I am thrilled as it is tough competition with the standard of applicants so high and they turn away a largenumber of people.  So that means one thing.....  get busy sewing. Now the panic button needs to be hit!!!

I was going to start with more cutting out today but I really do need to get this website finished so I have been taking a few more photos for that.  I am almost done and think know (and really hope) that I will put it live tonight.

So a short post as I must get cracking.  Just needed a wee break from the frustrating job and not being a good photographer.

Happy happy Monday


Friday, July 16, 2010

A new bag ......


Hope your school holidays have gone well.  Boy they have just flown by haven't they.

Since I have been sewing my bags, I have had numerous requests for nappy bags.  I have never been game enough to try.  Until now that is.  One of the lovely teachers from my children's school, who has become a big fan of mine, called me and requested a nappy bag for her friend.  How could I refuse.  In fact then I got quite excited and told her I could add all these options.  Afterwards, as my children zoomed around the house making every sort of mess imaginable, I did have a panic attack and wonder, what on earth was I thinking!!

So I did what my Nana (who is a marvellous 87 years old) does and told myself to get it together.  With a bit of internet research and the fabrics she had picked, away I went.  There were a few frustrating moments (and more than a few curse words I might add)  but it is all done and ready for pick up.  I think she will be very pleased with it.  So for the great reveal.....  here we go..........

Complete with inside pockets, one side pocket and a cell phone case.  Just lovely.  She should be here any minute to pick it up.  Here's hoping she likes it as much as I do!!

(PS sorry the photos aren't great.  I am still working getting that better)

Happy happy Friday.  Have a great weekend.


Monday, July 12, 2010

What have I been up to.......

Hi everyone,

Well the school holidays have been keeping me busy with the 3 children at home.  They have actually been very good and not too many world wars have broken out!  They were very tired from a long school term.  So being in their pj's all morning in heaven to them.

I have been busy on the sewing front getting ready for the round of shows which start in the spring time. I have applied and am just waiting to hear if my applications are successful.  So I have made a whopping 68 peg bags!!  Gosh I really was over those by the time I was done.  A pic of about half of them.....

What has also kept me busy is my office chair redo.  Remember this......

The brown steel and the mustard brown covers are gone and now it looks like this......

What a huge difference and so styly!!   It was a bit of an effort to take off (so many staples......thankfully my husband came to the rescue... and whilst he was watching the All Black test. What a guy!!)and unpick the old seat covers as the fabric was starting to fray and the cotton quite brittle.  I needed to keep them together as much as possible to use as a pattern for the new covers.I ended up being up way too late making the spotty covers because I got so excited about it.  I am still thinking that I may paint the black wheels and knobs but it will have to wait for now.  I have other projects and sewing that I need to get onto.  Any hoo I am super pleased with it.  Now I just have to get the rest of my office looking as sharp.  It is a tornado zone at the moment! 

Must away and get some work done.  The heater should have warmed up my office now.  It is freezing here this morning because of a very heavy frost.

Have a happy happy day



Friday, July 2, 2010


The best thing ever has happened this week.  I have had a mention in the Avenues magazine.  This is a monthly mag about goings on around Christchurch.  They have a 'hit and miss' column and I made the hit list.  Yipee, so amazing and such a big thrill.
So here is the magazine........
and here is the little blurb inside........

So how about that.  Made my week.  If anyone is new to the blog and wondering where all my online range is.  I am in the process of making a new web page with my own online cart.  Contact me if you are interested in coming to see the range.  Keep checkign back in as the new web store will be up very soon.

In other news, my children had the last day of term today.  So that meant a disco tonight.  Molly got dressed up as Wonder Woman.  It was a mad panic to make a costume this afternoon, as the $50 costume at Spotlight was just too much to stomach.  Check her out...she looks fab
I'm loving the wig!!  The other two did not want to get dressed up but Olivia did wear her pink cowboy hat!  I forgot to take a photo.  She will be cross with me.  I will get a photo tomorrow as she is having her dance recital.  Busy day tomorrow. 

Hope you are all well.  Enjoy the sunshine tomorrow.  It is a bit dodgy for Sunday.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Exciting news

Good morning,

Just a very quick blog as I need to do my morning tidy up before sitting down at my new sewing machine (more about that next time) to sew the velcro onto the peg bags.
Some very exciting news.  My son (Henry aged 11) was nominated from his rugby team to go to the rep rugby trials for the Ellesmere Under 12 rugby team. And guess what he made it!!!!  We are so very very proud.  His acheivement is all the more greater because he was so very very nervous the morning of the trial and was not even sure if he would go.  But we had a good chat (and a hug) and away he went.  The weather was appalling, cold and heavy drizzle.  So he came home chilled to the bone and covered in mud, with the biggest smile on his face.  Just brilliant.
OK, I rave on about that enough.  Back to work!!

Happy Monday

PS  remember I talked about Elizabeth from To Be Charmed.  Well here is a couple of pictures from her blog, go over and check her out here

Saturday, June 26, 2010

What is happening...

Well for one thing the rain and dreary-ness (is that even a word??)  continues.  Luckily we did get in sport this weekend, and with 2 wins and a loss, we have a pretty happy household. 

I have finished cutting out the peg bags, and started on the clutch purses, change purses and glass cases.  So thinga are starting to tick along.  More fabric has arrived.  Bit of a mixed bag really.  Some I am thrilled about, others still waiting to get thrilled about!  There are times when a fabric looks it's best once it is made up into scrumptious bags.  Can't wait for that.  Here is a pic of the new fabrics (not the best sorry - lighting is all up the shot!)

I should have actually mentioned in my last blog, that Molly (my baby) turned 7 on the 12th.  She had a blast of a day and even ended up having 2 parties!!  Not bad going.  Her little hockey team sang her Happy birthday after their game.  She was that thrilled.  Here she is looking coy.  Something she does very well

After much searching, isn't the internet wonderful?, I have found some new bag patterns to make for the coming show season.  Here's a sneak peek

I can't wait to get making these.  I purchased them from sewingwithme in Toronto.  How exciting and how clever is she.

Rightho,  I am heading off to the ballet tonight and so I must away and get dinner organised for the family and get myself spruced up.
Hope all is well with everyone.  Happy happy day


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A new purchase

Hello everyone,

I am still not used to blogging.  I am not sure there is anybody out there!!  It is quite hard having a little 'chat' with oneself.  But I suppose I must look it as written account of what has been happening with me and my family.

It has been the same old same old here.  The children are very tired and looking forward to the school holidays.  Thankfully we have had some good weather and sport has been on.  Henry's rubgy team remains unbeaten.  A big thrill for them and they continue to play very well.  He was pleased as punch with his tackling and scavaging for the ball skills on Saturday.  Olivia's netball team also continue to win and they go from strength to strength to each week.  I do have to say though that it is very frustrating on the sideline watching the girls (ages 8-9)  all standing still and not moving for the ball.  They will get it though.  And finally the youngest Molly, plays hockey. They had a draw.  Great excitement for us in that Molly very nearly scored her first goal.  Oh it was sooo very close.  So there is the sports round up.

I have started cutting out fabric, beginning with something easy, peg bags!  It has been slow going as I injured my arm a few weeks back whilst buying fabric at Spotlight and I now have a Tennis Elbow. It is an extremely annoying thing to have.  I have started physio and it is improving but I have to take things easy on the work front.

So I have spent some time on trade me looking for items to bring some life into our home.  I have bought this office chair
and am hoping to use this wonderful tutorial from Elizabeth at To Be Charmed (more about her later) to make it a bit more fancier.  Check out the tutorial here.  I love her blog and the dreamy things she finds.

So back to the fabric cutting I go before I head out to take Edwina (our pale blue Daihatsu Sirion) for her service!!

Hope all is well with everyone.  Enjoy the sunshine.  Happy day!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Good morning,

It is an absolutely beautiful day here and the sun is shining brightly. Thank heaven for that.  It certainly does boost the soul!

So my morning has been spent very busy with washing.  Getting all those sheets and duvets onto the line that have been sitting in a pile on the laundry floor!  Yay.  How very exciting!!  It is the simplest things in life.

I have put the new plants that I bought out into the sun.  I am quite convinced that they are smiling as well

Willa, our 2 year old black labrador is also enjoying being outside without getting her feet wet.  She is definitely a bit of a sook!!

I have wrapped the orders ready for pick up

I think they look fantastic.

So after all of my busy-ness,  I have had some well deserved chocolate.  Whittakers Peanut Block one of my favourites.

Now I am off to tackle the sewing roon.  It is in need of a tidy once again.  Wish me luck!!

Till next time

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My lovely friend

Good morning,

Well now that I have done the morning clean up and literally scoffed a packet of Mand M's, it is time for a quick post before I get onto my work ( this morning I am taking photos for my website).

I have this absolutely terrific friend whom I have only meant once.  Sounds a little strange I know.  Her name is Fiona Robinson and she owns this devine shop in Tarras, Central Otago.

Not that I have ever been to her shop but those that have tell me it is gorgeous. Fiona is one stylish very clever girl.

 We first 'met' (by phone) a few years ago when she approached me about stocking my products in her shop.  She was just opening then and was looking for different things.  Here are a couple of pictures of her shop as it was when she opened.

So what started as a business relationship soon became a friendship as we realised we had similiar tastes and ideas.  We talked often and of all sorts of things not even remotely related to business.  So last year when we were both attending a Trade Fair in Christchurch, we met up in person.  It was just lovely to finally meet her and now we know what each other looks like, not just an imaginary friend, so to speak. 

We have not talked as much lately, but when we do somehow we always manage to perk one another up, share ideas and have a great giggle.  Everyone should have a phone friend like that!

If you are ever in Tarras, please stop in and see her.  Tell her I sent you.  I have no doubt you will find a treasure.

Righto, off to work.  Have a happy happy day.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An exciting day

Hi everyone,

What an exciting day.  I have finished my orders, just marvellous.  Here is how some of them look.

Something else exciting in my day was the postal delivery and a part of my fabric order from the US.  Just yummy.  I am in fabric heaven again!!

And my last big thing of the day was fabric shopping at some of the local quilters shops and here is what I got.

How scrumptious are these!!  There will be some fun to be had.

So now I have a little time before picking up the children from school, so I need to have a go at designing my business card.  I think that will take me more time than I have but I am willing to start.  I will keep you posted of developments.

Hope your days have some excitement in them as well.

Cheers Kate

Sunday, May 30, 2010

lessons in photography


Today the rain has finally stopped.  The sun did try to shine through the clouds but it is still very grey and dreary.  We have had a 'day at home' for our family today. Although the children did spend half an hour down at the local park the rest of the day has meant movie watching for Dad and the kids and some tidying up for me followed by an afternoon on the computer trying to learn some photography tricks!!

So much to learn and all so mind boggling.  However I did feel that I got some grasp on my Canon EOS Digital Camera.  Here is one picture which I don't think turned out too bad for a beginner.  Need a bit more work on lighting perhaps.

But really that is enough time on the computer and the day is now darkening, so that must mean dinner time is approaching.

Till next time


Thursday, May 27, 2010

A song appropriate for today and to keep you smiling

Hello again,

Just been doing some internet browsing (in between the housework!!!!!!) and here is a song that I think is just great for today.  It is playing now.  How cool is that.

Really must finish the housework


Rain rain go away

Good morning all.  Just when we think the rain has stopped along comes the hail and today is absolutely freezing.  Hopefully we get some sunshine soon.  Sports practices and games have been cancelled and so the children will be completely stir crazy!

So where to begin.  I must get myself better orgainsed for this blogging.  The big hiccup that I have is that I am just no good at getting photos taken to put with my words.

I have been very busy making things for the showcase evening that I had on Tuesday night.  I sent out an invite to family and friends to come and have a glass of wine and some nibbles and to browse my product range.  The evening was a great success. Such a lovely relaxed atmosphere. No stress like there normally is with market days.  Yay for that.  Thanks to all my wonderful family and friends who helped out and all of those who came out in the bitter cold and wet evening to take a look.  We will definitely do it again.  Watch this space.

Here is some pics of what I made for the night.  Apologies for the 'not so good quality' photos.  It will give you some idea anyway.  The glass cases are a new item for me.  Made from a pattern I purchase online from Studio Cherie.  Great pattern and they turned out lovely.

Now I have a couple of orders to fill, a sewing room and a house to tidy.  It is a never ending battle the tidy house, but at least it will last until the children get home from school!!

Oh and by the way,  the big half marathon walk.  I made it!!!  Yipee.  It was hard work the last few km's as my feet were getting quite sore.  My time was 4 hours 2 mins, which included a 10 min toilet stop (the queue for the toilet was long!), so I am very happy.  Not so sure that I will do another big walk.  I think 15km is about my limit.

Here is a pic of the wine bottle that we received when we finished.  Not so sure that I won by a nose considering the fastest walker was a fella in a time of 1 hr 56 mins.  Little bit faster than me.

Almost forgot to tell you, that I made a friend in blogland.  The girl that I purchased my tray from on trade me is a very clever "doer-upper".  Take a look at what she does, .  I think it is all fab.  Go you Karen.

Right, so back to the housework.  Have a great day

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