Sunday, May 30, 2010

lessons in photography


Today the rain has finally stopped.  The sun did try to shine through the clouds but it is still very grey and dreary.  We have had a 'day at home' for our family today. Although the children did spend half an hour down at the local park the rest of the day has meant movie watching for Dad and the kids and some tidying up for me followed by an afternoon on the computer trying to learn some photography tricks!!

So much to learn and all so mind boggling.  However I did feel that I got some grasp on my Canon EOS Digital Camera.  Here is one picture which I don't think turned out too bad for a beginner.  Need a bit more work on lighting perhaps.

But really that is enough time on the computer and the day is now darkening, so that must mean dinner time is approaching.

Till next time


Thursday, May 27, 2010

A song appropriate for today and to keep you smiling

Hello again,

Just been doing some internet browsing (in between the housework!!!!!!) and here is a song that I think is just great for today.  It is playing now.  How cool is that.

Really must finish the housework


Rain rain go away

Good morning all.  Just when we think the rain has stopped along comes the hail and today is absolutely freezing.  Hopefully we get some sunshine soon.  Sports practices and games have been cancelled and so the children will be completely stir crazy!

So where to begin.  I must get myself better orgainsed for this blogging.  The big hiccup that I have is that I am just no good at getting photos taken to put with my words.

I have been very busy making things for the showcase evening that I had on Tuesday night.  I sent out an invite to family and friends to come and have a glass of wine and some nibbles and to browse my product range.  The evening was a great success. Such a lovely relaxed atmosphere. No stress like there normally is with market days.  Yay for that.  Thanks to all my wonderful family and friends who helped out and all of those who came out in the bitter cold and wet evening to take a look.  We will definitely do it again.  Watch this space.

Here is some pics of what I made for the night.  Apologies for the 'not so good quality' photos.  It will give you some idea anyway.  The glass cases are a new item for me.  Made from a pattern I purchase online from Studio Cherie.  Great pattern and they turned out lovely.

Now I have a couple of orders to fill, a sewing room and a house to tidy.  It is a never ending battle the tidy house, but at least it will last until the children get home from school!!

Oh and by the way,  the big half marathon walk.  I made it!!!  Yipee.  It was hard work the last few km's as my feet were getting quite sore.  My time was 4 hours 2 mins, which included a 10 min toilet stop (the queue for the toilet was long!), so I am very happy.  Not so sure that I will do another big walk.  I think 15km is about my limit.

Here is a pic of the wine bottle that we received when we finished.  Not so sure that I won by a nose considering the fastest walker was a fella in a time of 1 hr 56 mins.  Little bit faster than me.

Almost forgot to tell you, that I made a friend in blogland.  The girl that I purchased my tray from on trade me is a very clever "doer-upper".  Take a look at what she does, .  I think it is all fab.  Go you Karen.

Right, so back to the housework.  Have a great day

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