Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A better day today....

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday was a bit of a sh*&%y day.  I won't bore you with all the details.  Because I will rant and rave for two long!!  Needless to say that it involved our little blue diahatsu sirion named Edwina.  But it is all sorted today and she now has a warrant and a registration. YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!

So moving onto happier things.  My daughter Olivia (age 9 and gorgeous, here she is above.......)  has picked up the craft mantle.  Armed with a box of buttons and some wire..

She has created this beautiful heart........

A bit of finessing and some ribbon to hang and they will be all set to sell on my stall at the Culverden Fete.  Here is another that she is working on....

I am very proud of her.

I myself am working on a stack of make up purses which I ma hoping to have finished by the end of the week.  I have 72 of them cut out and last night finished cutting out the plastic coating.  Now I'm off to cut out the waterproof liner.

Have a happy happy day


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Oops.  Forgot to thank everyone for their wonderful comments on the new online shop.  I have even had my first order and a 'girls night in' booked for next month.  Going to be oh so busy.

Also big thanks to Emily (my future sister in law) for her help with the photography.  She is a very clever chick.  And my cousin Sarah, for her help with the blurbs and wording.  Another super clever chick

K :-)


Hi everyone,

So chaos has hit the sewing room.  There is fabric and patterns all over as I start the mammoth job of cutting out. I have to keep getting up to give my knees and back a break.

Take a look .......

The family help has now kicked in.  The peg bags have gone to my mother to price, these newly cut out bags will be off to my mother-in-law to get the interfacing put on and my wonderful husband has folded the washing.  Thank heaven for families!!!

Righto back to the floor.  A little more to get done before getting the children from school.

Happy happy day


Monday, July 19, 2010

The online site is live.....

Yipee.  It is 10.30pm and I have finally got the online site to go live.  Wow!  Exhausting but satisfying at the same time.

So take a look, click here.
There is also a link on the side bar at the right.

Happy shopping!!!  I'm off to bed.


Culverden Fete here I come.....

Good morning,

So on another dreary day (although the sun is trying to peek through), the one bright shiny moment is that my application for the Culverden Fete has been accepted.  Yipee!!  I am thrilled as it is tough competition with the standard of applicants so high and they turn away a largenumber of people.  So that means one thing.....  get busy sewing. Now the panic button needs to be hit!!!

I was going to start with more cutting out today but I really do need to get this website finished so I have been taking a few more photos for that.  I am almost done and think know (and really hope) that I will put it live tonight.

So a short post as I must get cracking.  Just needed a wee break from the frustrating job and not being a good photographer.

Happy happy Monday


Friday, July 16, 2010

A new bag ......


Hope your school holidays have gone well.  Boy they have just flown by haven't they.

Since I have been sewing my bags, I have had numerous requests for nappy bags.  I have never been game enough to try.  Until now that is.  One of the lovely teachers from my children's school, who has become a big fan of mine, called me and requested a nappy bag for her friend.  How could I refuse.  In fact then I got quite excited and told her I could add all these options.  Afterwards, as my children zoomed around the house making every sort of mess imaginable, I did have a panic attack and wonder, what on earth was I thinking!!

So I did what my Nana (who is a marvellous 87 years old) does and told myself to get it together.  With a bit of internet research and the fabrics she had picked, away I went.  There were a few frustrating moments (and more than a few curse words I might add)  but it is all done and ready for pick up.  I think she will be very pleased with it.  So for the great reveal.....  here we go..........

Complete with inside pockets, one side pocket and a cell phone case.  Just lovely.  She should be here any minute to pick it up.  Here's hoping she likes it as much as I do!!

(PS sorry the photos aren't great.  I am still working getting that better)

Happy happy Friday.  Have a great weekend.


Monday, July 12, 2010

What have I been up to.......

Hi everyone,

Well the school holidays have been keeping me busy with the 3 children at home.  They have actually been very good and not too many world wars have broken out!  They were very tired from a long school term.  So being in their pj's all morning in heaven to them.

I have been busy on the sewing front getting ready for the round of shows which start in the spring time. I have applied and am just waiting to hear if my applications are successful.  So I have made a whopping 68 peg bags!!  Gosh I really was over those by the time I was done.  A pic of about half of them.....

What has also kept me busy is my office chair redo.  Remember this......

The brown steel and the mustard brown covers are gone and now it looks like this......

What a huge difference and so styly!!   It was a bit of an effort to take off (so many staples......thankfully my husband came to the rescue... and whilst he was watching the All Black test. What a guy!!)and unpick the old seat covers as the fabric was starting to fray and the cotton quite brittle.  I needed to keep them together as much as possible to use as a pattern for the new covers.I ended up being up way too late making the spotty covers because I got so excited about it.  I am still thinking that I may paint the black wheels and knobs but it will have to wait for now.  I have other projects and sewing that I need to get onto.  Any hoo I am super pleased with it.  Now I just have to get the rest of my office looking as sharp.  It is a tornado zone at the moment! 

Must away and get some work done.  The heater should have warmed up my office now.  It is freezing here this morning because of a very heavy frost.

Have a happy happy day



Friday, July 2, 2010


The best thing ever has happened this week.  I have had a mention in the Avenues magazine.  This is a monthly mag about goings on around Christchurch.  They have a 'hit and miss' column and I made the hit list.  Yipee, so amazing and such a big thrill.
So here is the magazine........
and here is the little blurb inside........

So how about that.  Made my week.  If anyone is new to the blog and wondering where all my online range is.  I am in the process of making a new web page with my own online cart.  Contact me if you are interested in coming to see the range.  Keep checkign back in as the new web store will be up very soon.

In other news, my children had the last day of term today.  So that meant a disco tonight.  Molly got dressed up as Wonder Woman.  It was a mad panic to make a costume this afternoon, as the $50 costume at Spotlight was just too much to stomach.  Check her out...she looks fab
I'm loving the wig!!  The other two did not want to get dressed up but Olivia did wear her pink cowboy hat!  I forgot to take a photo.  She will be cross with me.  I will get a photo tomorrow as she is having her dance recital.  Busy day tomorrow. 

Hope you are all well.  Enjoy the sunshine tomorrow.  It is a bit dodgy for Sunday.

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