Friday, July 5, 2013

My Dad

I don't usually write any too personal on my blog or facebook page.  I am quite a shy, quiet and private person.

But today is a little different.  Today something amazing occurred.

Firstly I will take you back to Jan 2006.  In the blink of an eye, terrifying moment my Dad was diagnosed with bowel cancer.  A tumour the size of a tennis ball.  He was given a 15% chance that treatment would help.  They thought he would likely be gone within months

Well my Dad, simply said ' buggar that'.  He took that 15% chance. And so began his journey through chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, more chemotherapy and more radiation. At times being in incredible pain because the cancer then spread to the bones in his lower spine.  At times feeling so sick, so weakened, so exhausted we wondered how he would ever go on.

There were times when we prepared ourselves for his passing, numerous times.  I once even asked him if he ever felt like just giving up.  His response..... 'No.  I don't like the alternate'. I also asked him if he thought of dying....'no, I think about what I will leave behind'.

In the 7 and a half years that he has battled this nasty vicious disease that affects so many people, his positivity and his will to survive has been phenomenal.  Some days have been incredibly tough, he is the first to admit that.  Some days he has tried so hard to hide how he is really feeling, but those of us close to him, can see he is not 'fine' as he says he is.
The strength that he has also gained from my mothers love and support has helped him in more ways than any of my sister, brothers or I can imagine.  She too has been phenomenal and a tower of strength

Never did they give up hope.  And today that has paid off.  Today my Dad tells me that he saw the oncologist yesterday.  He is officially in remission.  Those that have survived the 5 year mark are generally considered to be ok, his oncologist tells him.  But Dad is a little different.  He wasn't expected to last 6 months, his cancer was so aggressive that they did not think they could help him.
He is a medical marvel but they still have to keep an eye on him, so will see the oncologist every few months.

Dad still suffers extreme pain.  He has constant pain and pins and needles in his hands and feet due to the effects of the chemotherapy.  The radiation has caused the bones in his pelvis to weaken and reach the point of crumbling so that he has a fracture where his sacrum joins his pelvis.  But they are hoping to help him with that too.  Today he had an infusion of drugs that aim to improve his bone density so that the pain should lessen.  They are very positive and, of course, so is my Dad.

He can take that....he is in remission.
We all take our hats off to you Dad.  You are Amazing and we feel so incredibly lucky to still have you.  Go you good thing.  We love you lots xxx

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Something new

As a little bit of a bonus at Kate M, we are stocking a few items from the super cool and vintage chic range of homewares called General Eclectic

We are sure that you will think this is a fun and stylish way to add that little extra something to your home

Blue Trays
Small $19
Medium  $25
Large $29

Large Glass Cake stand
33 x 11cm

Divided Wire Storage
46 x 30.5 x 23cm

Magnetic Blackboard
79 x 39cm

Silver Rustic Bowl
17 x 17 x 11cm

Wire Tealight Lamp
Small Blue $29
Large Black $39

 Have a Happy Happy Day


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Sweet Rendezvous

Good evening everyone,

As I told you all about on a facebook post recently, I am working on a collaboration website project with Hazel, the girl behind Hazel Loves Design 

It is an exciting project, that is really beginning to take shape.  The website is called The Sweet Rendezvous. It lists all markets, workshops and music events within the crafting and indie world in NZ.

The difference with this just being an events site is that stallholders can register for a profile page on the site that links up to any markets they are attending.

So how about a little sneak peek at how the website is coming along.  The Sweet Rendezvous can be found here....

Just remember it still needs a few tweaks and the new logo is coming

If you are keen to register as a stallholder/workshop organiser/music group click here and music events and markets can click here

Hope you enjoy your sneak peek


Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Magic

A very quick Monday magic this morning as I need to tidy up the tornado zone that has hit my house and also do some work for Shop Me Pretty which is on Wednesday night in Kirwee.

Some talented ladies visited my facebook page over the weekend to show me their wares.

And here they are......

Simply too cute is this spotty stool from Hibiscus Kids

Just one of the range of delightful crochet hats from Meys Made

The devine new range coming out today from Pretty Birds

What little girl wouldn't love this pink ensemble from Michael and Maisie
(who also happens to be having a sale soon)

That's it from me this morning

Time to tidy the mess and then have some fun with paper!!

Have a Happy Happy Day


Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Magic

As I dragged myself out of bed this morning, I really felt like I needed something to inspire me.  Did anyone else feel the same??

So I thought what about taking a look at some pretty things and share my favourites with you all.......

Pretty pretty pretty bracelet from Wildflower Designs

Oh so popular Wall Art From Harmonie
Love her flash new logo

super cool and devine flying ducks from Pepin Design

appliqued goodness from Little Drop Design
One of her owl cushions has pride of place on my 12 year old daughters bed

So maybe that will brighten you day.

Have a great Monday


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Last Fair......

Whilst I have slowed down dramatically in the last month (mainly by doing all my work during the day and not going back to the workshop in the evening), I still wanted to finish with the March Martinborough Fair.

I have a really great site at the fair and did not want to take the risk of losing it. So I have steadily worked away and managed to produce a reasonable amount of stock.

I am also very lucky in that I have great friends in Martinborough.  After the Feb fair, I left my gazebo, tables and all my 'props' with them and just took any remaining stock home.

All that needed to be packed into the car to go back up for the March fair was my stock.  That being said there was a slight problem..... once the car was loaded with stock (and it was fully loaded!!) where would all the props go.

It meant unloading the car of the stock.  Here it all is (well some of it anyway) at the house we stayed at.....

Then loading up all the tables, gazebo and props....down to the fair (at 4.45am! it is a busy place even at the time)...husband back to the house and loaded up all the stock and back down to the fair to unload and set it all up.

Here it is alomost finished.  Just some last minute 're-styling' to be done.

It was a super busy day.  Shoppers coming in at 7.30 am to start their day.  So by 5.30pm when we were all packed up (thankfully not much stock to put back into the car otherwise we were not going to get it all home again), we were absoloutely shattered.

So now I can relax and rest up and 'get myself fixed up"!!!  As much as I love my sewing, I am looking forward to a couple of months down time.
Here's hoping I will be all revived and ready to go by the end of April.

Thanks very much to everyone for their very kind thoughts and words.

Have a happy happy day


ps Can't beleive I forgot to mention the tables my husband made and the children and I painted.  You may have seen them in the photos above.  We sold both and will be making more.  Thrilled about that

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A difficult decision made

Hi everyone,

Well today I came to a big decision.  Not one taken lightly by any means.

So much tooing and froing (are they even words that are spelt right) went into this decision but it had to be made.

Someone once told me that the difficult decisions are often the right ones.

So what is it you ask.... (and for some of you this may seem very minor indeed but others will totally understand the dilemma)..but I have shut down my online store.

At this stage it is only temporary.  But for health reasons, I need to take a step back and releive some of the pressure.

I will still be attending the Martinborough Fair in March and will just concentrate on getting ready for that.

Following that some much needed rest and 'me time' and family time.  I will very much look forward to that.

I also look forward to catching up with you all later
Hope all is well in your worlds.

Happy happy day

Kate x
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