Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Last Fair......

Whilst I have slowed down dramatically in the last month (mainly by doing all my work during the day and not going back to the workshop in the evening), I still wanted to finish with the March Martinborough Fair.

I have a really great site at the fair and did not want to take the risk of losing it. So I have steadily worked away and managed to produce a reasonable amount of stock.

I am also very lucky in that I have great friends in Martinborough.  After the Feb fair, I left my gazebo, tables and all my 'props' with them and just took any remaining stock home.

All that needed to be packed into the car to go back up for the March fair was my stock.  That being said there was a slight problem..... once the car was loaded with stock (and it was fully loaded!!) where would all the props go.

It meant unloading the car of the stock.  Here it all is (well some of it anyway) at the house we stayed at.....

Then loading up all the tables, gazebo and props....down to the fair (at 4.45am! it is a busy place even at the time)...husband back to the house and loaded up all the stock and back down to the fair to unload and set it all up.

Here it is alomost finished.  Just some last minute 're-styling' to be done.

It was a super busy day.  Shoppers coming in at 7.30 am to start their day.  So by 5.30pm when we were all packed up (thankfully not much stock to put back into the car otherwise we were not going to get it all home again), we were absoloutely shattered.

So now I can relax and rest up and 'get myself fixed up"!!!  As much as I love my sewing, I am looking forward to a couple of months down time.
Here's hoping I will be all revived and ready to go by the end of April.

Thanks very much to everyone for their very kind thoughts and words.

Have a happy happy day


ps Can't beleive I forgot to mention the tables my husband made and the children and I painted.  You may have seen them in the photos above.  We sold both and will be making more.  Thrilled about that

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