Thursday, February 7, 2013

A difficult decision made

Hi everyone,

Well today I came to a big decision.  Not one taken lightly by any means.

So much tooing and froing (are they even words that are spelt right) went into this decision but it had to be made.

Someone once told me that the difficult decisions are often the right ones.

So what is it you ask.... (and for some of you this may seem very minor indeed but others will totally understand the dilemma)..but I have shut down my online store.

At this stage it is only temporary.  But for health reasons, I need to take a step back and releive some of the pressure.

I will still be attending the Martinborough Fair in March and will just concentrate on getting ready for that.

Following that some much needed rest and 'me time' and family time.  I will very much look forward to that.

I also look forward to catching up with you all later
Hope all is well in your worlds.

Happy happy day

Kate x
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