Monday, June 28, 2010

Exciting news

Good morning,

Just a very quick blog as I need to do my morning tidy up before sitting down at my new sewing machine (more about that next time) to sew the velcro onto the peg bags.
Some very exciting news.  My son (Henry aged 11) was nominated from his rugby team to go to the rep rugby trials for the Ellesmere Under 12 rugby team. And guess what he made it!!!!  We are so very very proud.  His acheivement is all the more greater because he was so very very nervous the morning of the trial and was not even sure if he would go.  But we had a good chat (and a hug) and away he went.  The weather was appalling, cold and heavy drizzle.  So he came home chilled to the bone and covered in mud, with the biggest smile on his face.  Just brilliant.
OK, I rave on about that enough.  Back to work!!

Happy Monday

PS  remember I talked about Elizabeth from To Be Charmed.  Well here is a couple of pictures from her blog, go over and check her out here

Saturday, June 26, 2010

What is happening...

Well for one thing the rain and dreary-ness (is that even a word??)  continues.  Luckily we did get in sport this weekend, and with 2 wins and a loss, we have a pretty happy household. 

I have finished cutting out the peg bags, and started on the clutch purses, change purses and glass cases.  So thinga are starting to tick along.  More fabric has arrived.  Bit of a mixed bag really.  Some I am thrilled about, others still waiting to get thrilled about!  There are times when a fabric looks it's best once it is made up into scrumptious bags.  Can't wait for that.  Here is a pic of the new fabrics (not the best sorry - lighting is all up the shot!)

I should have actually mentioned in my last blog, that Molly (my baby) turned 7 on the 12th.  She had a blast of a day and even ended up having 2 parties!!  Not bad going.  Her little hockey team sang her Happy birthday after their game.  She was that thrilled.  Here she is looking coy.  Something she does very well

After much searching, isn't the internet wonderful?, I have found some new bag patterns to make for the coming show season.  Here's a sneak peek

I can't wait to get making these.  I purchased them from sewingwithme in Toronto.  How exciting and how clever is she.

Rightho,  I am heading off to the ballet tonight and so I must away and get dinner organised for the family and get myself spruced up.
Hope all is well with everyone.  Happy happy day


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A new purchase

Hello everyone,

I am still not used to blogging.  I am not sure there is anybody out there!!  It is quite hard having a little 'chat' with oneself.  But I suppose I must look it as written account of what has been happening with me and my family.

It has been the same old same old here.  The children are very tired and looking forward to the school holidays.  Thankfully we have had some good weather and sport has been on.  Henry's rubgy team remains unbeaten.  A big thrill for them and they continue to play very well.  He was pleased as punch with his tackling and scavaging for the ball skills on Saturday.  Olivia's netball team also continue to win and they go from strength to strength to each week.  I do have to say though that it is very frustrating on the sideline watching the girls (ages 8-9)  all standing still and not moving for the ball.  They will get it though.  And finally the youngest Molly, plays hockey. They had a draw.  Great excitement for us in that Molly very nearly scored her first goal.  Oh it was sooo very close.  So there is the sports round up.

I have started cutting out fabric, beginning with something easy, peg bags!  It has been slow going as I injured my arm a few weeks back whilst buying fabric at Spotlight and I now have a Tennis Elbow. It is an extremely annoying thing to have.  I have started physio and it is improving but I have to take things easy on the work front.

So I have spent some time on trade me looking for items to bring some life into our home.  I have bought this office chair
and am hoping to use this wonderful tutorial from Elizabeth at To Be Charmed (more about her later) to make it a bit more fancier.  Check out the tutorial here.  I love her blog and the dreamy things she finds.

So back to the fabric cutting I go before I head out to take Edwina (our pale blue Daihatsu Sirion) for her service!!

Hope all is well with everyone.  Enjoy the sunshine.  Happy day!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Good morning,

It is an absolutely beautiful day here and the sun is shining brightly. Thank heaven for that.  It certainly does boost the soul!

So my morning has been spent very busy with washing.  Getting all those sheets and duvets onto the line that have been sitting in a pile on the laundry floor!  Yay.  How very exciting!!  It is the simplest things in life.

I have put the new plants that I bought out into the sun.  I am quite convinced that they are smiling as well

Willa, our 2 year old black labrador is also enjoying being outside without getting her feet wet.  She is definitely a bit of a sook!!

I have wrapped the orders ready for pick up

I think they look fantastic.

So after all of my busy-ness,  I have had some well deserved chocolate.  Whittakers Peanut Block one of my favourites.

Now I am off to tackle the sewing roon.  It is in need of a tidy once again.  Wish me luck!!

Till next time

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My lovely friend

Good morning,

Well now that I have done the morning clean up and literally scoffed a packet of Mand M's, it is time for a quick post before I get onto my work ( this morning I am taking photos for my website).

I have this absolutely terrific friend whom I have only meant once.  Sounds a little strange I know.  Her name is Fiona Robinson and she owns this devine shop in Tarras, Central Otago.

Not that I have ever been to her shop but those that have tell me it is gorgeous. Fiona is one stylish very clever girl.

 We first 'met' (by phone) a few years ago when she approached me about stocking my products in her shop.  She was just opening then and was looking for different things.  Here are a couple of pictures of her shop as it was when she opened.

So what started as a business relationship soon became a friendship as we realised we had similiar tastes and ideas.  We talked often and of all sorts of things not even remotely related to business.  So last year when we were both attending a Trade Fair in Christchurch, we met up in person.  It was just lovely to finally meet her and now we know what each other looks like, not just an imaginary friend, so to speak. 

We have not talked as much lately, but when we do somehow we always manage to perk one another up, share ideas and have a great giggle.  Everyone should have a phone friend like that!

If you are ever in Tarras, please stop in and see her.  Tell her I sent you.  I have no doubt you will find a treasure.

Righto, off to work.  Have a happy happy day.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An exciting day

Hi everyone,

What an exciting day.  I have finished my orders, just marvellous.  Here is how some of them look.

Something else exciting in my day was the postal delivery and a part of my fabric order from the US.  Just yummy.  I am in fabric heaven again!!

And my last big thing of the day was fabric shopping at some of the local quilters shops and here is what I got.

How scrumptious are these!!  There will be some fun to be had.

So now I have a little time before picking up the children from school, so I need to have a go at designing my business card.  I think that will take me more time than I have but I am willing to start.  I will keep you posted of developments.

Hope your days have some excitement in them as well.

Cheers Kate
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