Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Time is flying buy........

Something we are all saying to ourselves and before we know it Christmas will be here.  I know,  I shouldn't say that!!!

So another successful fete has been completed.  Hunters Garden Marlborough Market Day in Blenheim has been and gone.  It was another beautiful sunny day and plenty of shoppers came out.  My family of helpers was in full force again.  On the day my husband and brother in law were up early with me and down to the market to set up.  Here they are......

After their compulsory coffee, they tootled off home and dropped my sister back down for the morning shift!!  What a great family.  Here's some pics of the stall all set up and ready for business...

in this photo is my spotty chair that I bought from the local recycling store, and resanded and recovered her.  She is up for sale but the more that day went on the more I kept thinking that I would just keep her.....

I am quite happy with how the stall is looking but still think some minor tweeking is needed!!!!  I can hear my husband cringe from here.

So one more fete before the end of the year.  Off on a massive journey to Southland.  One hour south of Queenstown.  More sewing in store to top up the stock pile (which is currently all stacked up in our bedroom  ahhhgh....).  Then I will be able to shop for some more fabric....... ahh bliss.

Right now though it is off to bed otherwise I will be dreadful getting up in the morning.  Although I might just take a sneak peek at my favourite blogs.....................

Happy happy days


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The fete and other things

Hi All,

I have been so busy sewing for the Culverden Fete that I have not had time for a post.  I managed to get quite a bit of work done in the end but there were a few late nights.

My friend Pat and I travelled up the night before and met my Mum up there with her car full of stuff as well.  We set up the gazebo and all the shelves and tables.  Then off to the pub for a great meal and a couple of drinks.  They were well deserved!! Mum Pam tootled off home and Pat and I walked along the road to the B&B.  Such a lovely place to stay and the owners were very accomodating and great hosts.  We had a fantastic full cooked breakfast in the morning.  Yummy.  All set for the day, a short walk back into Culverden to be picked up by my inlaws and back to the fete.

It was an absolutely beautiful day and the shoppers came out in the truck loads.  A very steady busy day and following the pack up and a wee glass of wine, I drove away a happy little sewer!!!

So no it is onto the next one.  The Hunters Garden Marlborough Fete in Blenheim.  We take the whole family and stay with my sister so as well as making a few sales it is a fun weekend.

Apologies again for no photos.  I forgot to take my camera again!!!!  I will get some at Blenheim.  Promise.
So must go and sort out Molly with a bath.  she is home with the chicken pox.  Oh what fun.  Poor wee mite.

Need to try and get some work done to add to the stock.  Some things are quite low in numbers.  A good problem to have.

Happy happy day

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