Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh my poor neglected Blog.....

I have been terribly remiss of writing on my my blog for quite a number of months now.  I am sure it is feeling very very neglected.  OOPS!!

I decided to take on a few (well more than a few actually!!) more craft shows/fetes over the bust fete season.  This meant head down and bum up.  It was a crazy crazy season as I travelled around the country side from the deep south... Winton to the North....Martinborough (twice...once was a bit of a flop as the show was cancelled due to the weather bomb...on a good note though, Mr Mooar and I did have a great few days away togther...NICE!!!)  It also meant many many many hours of sewing and trying desperately to keep stock levels up.

Thanks a million to Mother Pam (my mum) for the endless hours of cutting out and pricing..thank heaven for you.  Also to Mother Mooar (my m-i-l) for many hours of interfacing and helping out on the stall.  To my friends who travelled to shows with me and helped with cutting, a bit of making, a bit of stall jushzing and lots of 'keeping me going'.  Without the help from you guys, I would not have got through

And last but not least to my best mate,  the absolutely wonderful Mr Mooar.  We were kind of like ships in the night for many months, as he came home back I went to the workshop.  He just did whatever I could not get done around the house and was there for me to lean on when I just felt like I could not go on anymore.  He was and is my biggest supporter.  Big props to you Mr Mooar xx

So now I will try and keep up with my blog a little more.  Hope all is well in your worlds.

Happy happy day

Kate x

ps....just a few of the places I have been.....



The stall girls looking super smart in Cromwell

my friend Megan with her very proud display in Winton.

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