Friday, July 5, 2013

My Dad

I don't usually write any too personal on my blog or facebook page.  I am quite a shy, quiet and private person.

But today is a little different.  Today something amazing occurred.

Firstly I will take you back to Jan 2006.  In the blink of an eye, terrifying moment my Dad was diagnosed with bowel cancer.  A tumour the size of a tennis ball.  He was given a 15% chance that treatment would help.  They thought he would likely be gone within months

Well my Dad, simply said ' buggar that'.  He took that 15% chance. And so began his journey through chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, more chemotherapy and more radiation. At times being in incredible pain because the cancer then spread to the bones in his lower spine.  At times feeling so sick, so weakened, so exhausted we wondered how he would ever go on.

There were times when we prepared ourselves for his passing, numerous times.  I once even asked him if he ever felt like just giving up.  His response..... 'No.  I don't like the alternate'. I also asked him if he thought of dying....'no, I think about what I will leave behind'.

In the 7 and a half years that he has battled this nasty vicious disease that affects so many people, his positivity and his will to survive has been phenomenal.  Some days have been incredibly tough, he is the first to admit that.  Some days he has tried so hard to hide how he is really feeling, but those of us close to him, can see he is not 'fine' as he says he is.
The strength that he has also gained from my mothers love and support has helped him in more ways than any of my sister, brothers or I can imagine.  She too has been phenomenal and a tower of strength

Never did they give up hope.  And today that has paid off.  Today my Dad tells me that he saw the oncologist yesterday.  He is officially in remission.  Those that have survived the 5 year mark are generally considered to be ok, his oncologist tells him.  But Dad is a little different.  He wasn't expected to last 6 months, his cancer was so aggressive that they did not think they could help him.
He is a medical marvel but they still have to keep an eye on him, so will see the oncologist every few months.

Dad still suffers extreme pain.  He has constant pain and pins and needles in his hands and feet due to the effects of the chemotherapy.  The radiation has caused the bones in his pelvis to weaken and reach the point of crumbling so that he has a fracture where his sacrum joins his pelvis.  But they are hoping to help him with that too.  Today he had an infusion of drugs that aim to improve his bone density so that the pain should lessen.  They are very positive and, of course, so is my Dad.

He can take that....he is in remission.
We all take our hats off to you Dad.  You are Amazing and we feel so incredibly lucky to still have you.  Go you good thing.  We love you lots xxx


  1. Kate, I'm so happy for you, what a blessing! So thrilled for your Dad & family too. Dad's are a real treasure xxx

    1. Thank you so much Gill. He is indeed a treasure xx
      Hope you are doing better. I think of you often x

  2. That is fantastic Kate. So, so happy for you, your family and your Dad. He sounds like an amazing person.
    Gail X

  3. Kate that's fantastic - well done your Dad (and the rest of you!)

    1. Thank you Lee. Big ups to my Dad alright x

  4. Kate, I am so delighted that your dad has made such wonderful progress!!! He is obviously a fighter with a strong will and Beau is lucky to have such a fine man for his Granddad!! He will learn well from him and I hope they spend as much time together as possible. My best wishes to him and your mother, as she has made this journey with him every day XXXX

    1. Hi Janice,
      Thank you so very much for your lovely comments. We are very blessed with our Dad and Grandpa. Mum is truly the only one who has seen the true depths of the journey and is a big part of the reason Dad has made it.
      Grandparents are a super special breed (near and far). Hopefully mum and dad may be able to travel to Auckland a bit more to see mr delicious beau.

    2. Oops pushed the wrong button too soon.

      And hopefully you will enjoy a cuddle soon as well
      Kate xx


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