Friday, May 23, 2014

Pink Shirt Day

Today is Pink Shirt Day.  It is Anti- Bullying Day.

The day started in Canada in 2007 when a boy got bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school.  The next day, in a show of support, the other students wore pink shirts to school.

Bullying has been a little too close to home recently, as it has happened to my son.  It has been an emotional roller coaster filled with anger, sadness, and worry mixed with plenty of tears.
The journey will be a long one and we slowly edge our way forwards.  The boys involved have already managed to move on but it is so much harder for the victim.

So talk to your kids about bullying.  Make sure they know it is not ok to bully or be bullied. Make sure they know they can tell you anything that is happening in their lives. And above all make sure they know how important it is to be nice to all, even if you don't really like that person.  Words can hurt just as much as fists.

Today I am wearing a Pink Shirt and hoping that my son has a good day at school.  This is for him...

Kate x

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